Driving Business
through the Roof


Founded in 2007, Sales and Marketing Resources focuses on sales and marketing tasks that business owners and their employees do not have the time to engage, or lack the skills to perform adequately, or simply prefer not to do themselves. Often these center on business development and sales related activities.

I have 30 years experience running both sales and marketing departments for several multi-million dollar companies. I can assist you with lead generation and client acquisition. Many people find networking a challenge. I do not! Let me show you the proper and profitable way! You can outsource many of your sales and business development functions to me. I am also an adept business writer who can provide top quality content for sales, marketing, and communications.



Female Veterans Housing. Novato, CA

Blue Star Family Homes

Enterprise Technical Infrastructure Larkspur, CA

  Gary M Belford

Lilien Systems

Lisa Pepper-Satkin

Author and Business Coach            San Francisco, CA

110% Construction, Inc.

General Contractor.  Novato, CA