Driving Business
through the Roof

Running a business requires multi-faceted skills. Often we find we are not skilled in an area that is critical to our success. Developing leads through excellent sales and marketing programs, and converting those to leads to clients can be a challenging task.

Are you uncomfortable networking? I am not! Do you know how to develop quality sale and marketing materials and use them to effectively acquire clients who contribute positively to your bottom line? I do! I have done so for several multi-million dollar businesses. Let me assist you!


 I understand just how important relationships are. I place myself in a trusted advisor role with your organization. As best I can, I hold your interests to be co-equal with mine. You win, I win!

  • Business Development
  • Market Area Analysis
  • Content for Web, Sales, and Marketing Communications
  • Sales Training
  • Lead Generation
  • Representation at Networking Groups, and Association Events
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Trusted Advisor

Business is incredibly complicated today, especially with advancements in technology, expanding markets, and the ever-present 24-hours of operation. Yet with all the drivers, changes and improvements, what remain at the heart of good business and business practices are relationships.